Sustainable Energy Investments

While no one can accurately predict what the next big investment opportunity will be, many Governments & Businesses are investing in the Renewable Energy sector. This is reinforced by the establishment of a large number of Energy related investment products, assisted by attractive financial and tax incentives on offer from many Governments across the world including the US, Canada, Australia and many EU countries. 

The EU has mandated that renewable energy must make up a 20% share of energy consumption by 2020. To achieve this target, the EU has legislated on renewable electricity production and biofuels. Across the EU 22.1% of electricity production should be from renewable sources by 2010, possibly growing to 34% by 2020.
Research has indicated that feed-in-tariff renewable support mechanisms have delivered the most capacity in recent years at an increasingly lower cost as fossil fuel prices rise. Obligation schemes have yet to deliver. The German and Spanish markets that use feed-in-tariffs have seen rapid growth in renewable capacity.

Investing in Renewable Energy (R.E) can take many forms from investing in a structured fund, in shares in a qualifying company to establishing your own energy business. It is important that independant tax advice is sought before you finalise your investment. Similar to any investment opportunity it is important that you are aware of the financial and tax implications of investing in Alternative or Sustainable Energy products. DG International Tax offers pre-investment tax advice and can review the financial return on a proposed investment. We also offer overseas tax filing services in a selected number of overseas locations.

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