EU To Extend Automatic Exchange of Information

2013 Irish Budget

2013 Irish Budget : Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

2013 Spanish Budget update

Spanish Tax Amnesty available until 30th November 2012

August 2012 French Tax Updates

Deadline for reclaiming EU VAT refunds extended

2010 UK Budget Update

2010 Irish Budget - Tax Changes

Irish Rent-to-Buy (and similar) Schemes

April 2009 supplementary Irish Budget

New Plan to promote turbines for houses

Owners of property abroad to face scrutiny under Bill measure

2009 Irish Budget - Tax changes effecting Property Investments


Revenue steps up tax probe on overseas homes
Thousands of Irish owners of overseas properties are to receive letters from the Revenue Commissioners over the coming months……….

Owners of property abroad face Revenue clampdown

THE REVENUE Commissioners is to seek new powers to force estate agents to automatically hand over information…..

Tax clampdown on Irish homes in Spain

Irish property-owners in Spain who fail to pay local and other taxes there are being named and shamed by the Spanish tax authorities as part of a clampdown

Revenue acts on abuse of stamp duty relief

Thousands of property owners could face fines or other penalties as a result of a Revenue clampdown on abuse of stamp duty relief….

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