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DG International Tax is an Irish Tax & Accountancy practice which specialises in International Tax.

We have almost 20 years of accounting, tax and financial experience, 10 of which is specifically in Property Finance and International Tax.

Our practice offers a range of services to Irish, UK, European and US clients, specialising in tax compliance / advice to clients with dual or foreign tax obligations eg in Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the UK, USA and more......... click here for more on
Our Services or contact us at info@dgitax.com

We specialise in EU VAT Registration & Compliance and in Foreign VAT Recovery services for businesses who have incur foreign VAT on business expenses.

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DG International Tax is a registered firm with The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.

Our qualified staff have worked in a number of overseas countries including the UK, the Carribean, Eastern Europe and the USA and have experience ranging from tax structuring for large property projects to property finance to domestic & international tax filing. We work with many overseas accountants & liase with many of the overseas tax offices regarding international tax filings.

We are committed to providing you with the best Foreign Tax services possible. We use the latest technologies including up-to-date tax software to assist in filing your tax return accurately, quickly and easily.

For more information please contact us at:
DG International Tax

10 Ormonde St,

Ph ++ 353 56 7721879 or

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