VAT Recovery

VAT on Business Expenses

Registered businesses who purchase goods or services which they use in another EU Member State (or selected Non-EU countries) cannot claim back the associated foreign VAT in their home country. 

However under the EC Eight VAT Directive (applicable to EC Members) or the EC Thirteenth VAT Directive (applicable to Non-EC Companies), registered businesses can reclaim foreign VAT suffered on travel / business expenses from the overseas Tax Authorities. The most common costs are summarised as follows:

Trade Show, Exhibition or Conference expenses
Advertising costs
Printing Material
Telecommunication costs
Hotel & Food expenses in certain countries
Taxi expenses in certain countries

Recover up to 25% of your foreign business travel expenses.
Continguency based pricing - no refund, no fee!

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VAT on Property Purchases

For details about VAT Refunds on French & Spanish Leaseback property please contact us at