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DG International Tax is a Tax and Accountancy firm which specialises in International Tax filing & Tax advice. As global interaction & migration expands, the need for sound and timely tax advice across international boundaries is ever increasing.
DG International Tax simplify your tax obligations while minimising your tax exposure in a prompt and professional manner.

     Overseas Property Tax
     If you own overseas property and are in receipt of foreign income, you are obliged to      
     declare that income and pay associated taxes in the foreign country. 
     Click on the country flag below for details on specific property taxes payable in the
     foreign country or alternatively
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      Tax Refunds
      Did you work overseas in the past four years or under-claimed your tax allowances / deductions in
      your home or foreign country? You may be entitled to a tax refund. Click here for further  
      or email us at info@dgitax.com

     Moving to work or live abroad
     There are many issues to consider before and after moving abroad. Obtaining sound
     tax advice before you go can help minimise your taxes either at home or in the foreign  
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    Foreign VAT Refunds
     Recover up to 25% of your foreign business travel expenses by reclaiming VAT from the 
     foreign Tax Authorities. Click here for details on 
VAT Recovery or contact us 
     Deadline for EU businesses : 30 September following year end
     Deadline for Non-EU businesses: 30 June following year end
    EU VAT Registration & Compliance
    Are you selling into Europe? Are your distance sales in excess of the relevant thresholds for
    VAT Registration in another EU country? Are you obliged to VAT register?
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    more details on EU VAT Registration
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